Axiom Wound Drains

Axiom Wound Drains - Featuring Axiom's ATRAUM Line with CLOT STOP

The most complete line of wound drainage products available.

  • CWV Drain
  • Thoracic Catheters
  • Medialstinal Drains
  • Sephenous Vein Drains
  • Dual and Uni Sump Drains
  • Petite Wound Drains
  • Plus other silicone and non-silicone products

Axiom's products are superior in formulation and design

  • Non-clogging silicone formulation solves the problem of clot build-up
  • High flow-thru design accelerates fluid movement without excessive suction
  • Soft, supple and low profile in design, Axiom's drains position easily and conform to anatomical curvatures

Atraum Line of drains features revolutionary CLOT STOP

  • A safe antithrombogenic coating
  • Provides surface with the lowest coefficient of friction available
  • CLOT STOP's lubricating properties make insertion and removal easier and trauma-free
  • Proven to have over five times the antithrombogenic qualities of existing drains

Drains are available with or without CLOT STOP

Axiom® has offered its high quality, innovative line of wound drains and custom products throughout North America, Europe, and the entire world market for over 25 years.

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