About Vitalcor

Mission Statement

The most important business task we have is to merge the vision of our customers with the mission of our company. With that in mind we strive to provide a stimulating working environment for our employees so that they may find it easy to work with our customers and collaborative development alliance partners to improve the health status of the patients that benefit from the technologies and services we provide. To never be satisfied with the status quo.

Operating Philosophy

Seek and retain the most talented employees in each segment of the organization. Though we do not have the ability to issue stock options the same way as a fast growing public company, we have an exceptional track record of growth and employee retention. This has been accomplished by giving people responsibility and expecting them to perform.

Our culture is meant to stimulate creativity in sales and operations. People do not manage people. People manage corporate goals, tasks, and responsibilities. It is perfectly okay for staff to trade assignments. Employees are more productive when doing something they prefer and feel more comfortable performing. The customer is King and everybody that works for the Company is part of Customer Service.